Microwave Oven Simulator


Requirement Specifications

It’s an Embedded-programming – project internship, which in advance blended mode comes bundled with Motor Vehicle Black Box (MVBB).

Micro controller: PIC16F/PIC18F

We will be dealing with the several micro controller blocks while implementing this projects, including:
1: Timers
2: Interrupts
3: Analog to Digital converter
4: PWM
5: GPIO functions
6. CLCD Display

To Summarize, by implementing this project you should get a complete picture of integrating different micro controller blocks to build an embedded application. You will also learn how to build microcontroller applications using Embedded programming.

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Microwave Oven Simulator is an embedded systems application which simulates the main control logic of a Microwave Oven.

The major features of this project includes:
1. Time Control: A feature to control the amount of time to cook the food
2. Temperature Control: A Sensing control to cook the food under a specific set Temperature
3. I/O Controls:

  • This feature would detect all external events like whether the door is open or closed.
  • The lamp control stops once the door is opened.
  • This feature will also sense the availability of the food in the compartment before cooking action has to be taken.
  • The turntable control to rotate the food for even cooking.

4. CLCD Display: Character LCD will be used to display the microwave status & time values.

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