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Requirement Specification

It’s an C-programming – project internship, which in advance blended mode comes bundled with LSB Image Steganography Project.

  • Add Contact
    • Add a contact giving user name
    • Add phone numbers to the newly added contact
    • Add e-mail addresses to the newly added contact
  • Search Contact
    • Search a contact by name.
    • Search contact by phone number.
    • Search contact by e-mail address.
  • Edit Contact
    • Edit by name.
    • Edit contact by phone number.
    • Edit contact by email address.
  • Delete contact
    • Edit by name.
    • Edit contact by phone number.
    • Edit contact by email address.
  • List all contacts
  • Save the address book.
  • Exit the application.
Sample Output:




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Address Book is a small application written in C language. It keeps track of names and telephone/mobile numbers and e-mail addresses. It is a console based application which uses standard I/O for adding and deleting contact names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses, searching names and associated numbers and email addresses, updating numbers and email addresses, and deleting contacts.



flow chartflow chart































flow chart














Click here to download the source code file for Address Book

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Basic Blended, Advanced Blended

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