Pre Assessment Questionnaire of Doctors

Pre Assessment Questionnaire for Doctors

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Will you be able to establish adequate sedation in a patient on mechanical ventilation

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Did you receive sufficient academic  training to manage mechanical ventilation.

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Do you know how to set the alarm?

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Would you able to set a ventilator to “Controlled volume mode.

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Would you able to set a ventilator to “Controlled Pressure mode.

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Do you know the principles of weaning from mechanical ventilation

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Given the age and weight   of a patient in need of mechanical ventilation would you be able of set a tidal volume.

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Are you satisfied with your knowledge about mechanical ventilator.

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Have you handled ventilator during your internship/residency.

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Do you know the basic principle of mechanical ventilation for ARDS

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Would you be able to set a ventilator to “Pressure support mode.

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Do you  understand concept of auto PEEP.

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Would you fear for safety of patient if asked to turn on ventilator

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