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FTAC Assessment

  1. Multiple choice questions.
  2. Every question carries one marks.
  3. No negative marking is there.
  4. Time allowed is 60 mins.

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Which information should be passed to the customer care to find the age of the appliance in case if the bill is not available at the customer end?

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While going for servicing at customer location one of your colleague meets midway. Colleague handovers you a faulty spare part and immediately leave. What will you do with the spare part?

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Which of the following produce excessive noise and also lead to breaking of the copper tubing and leakage of the refrigerant if outdoor unit is installed on the soft surface?

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What need to do once it is noticed that the grounding of the power supply at the customer premises is not proper?

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Which needs to be understood while interacting with the customer during diagnosing the fault in the AC?

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Which of the following is necessary to inform to the customer while giving a demo of the features of the newly installed Air Conditioning?

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Who is responsible for resolving customer complaints on daily basis?

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Which of the following is the possible cause if the air from the indoor unit smells strange?

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What should be explained to the customer before replacing the unit/component of a AC module?

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Which of the following is the best way to show to the customer that the unit is working perfectly after servicing?

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What should not be compromised even if number of problems occur while working?

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If the blower is running, but the fan on the outside unit is not, then which of the following should be troubleshooted?

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What does below image convey?


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Identify the air conditioner picture which is shown below?


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Where should one check for customer complaints that are registered?

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Identify the proper mixture of solution used to clean the AC unit if the dirt is noticeable.

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Which is the FIRST step should be followed while installing mounted air conditioner?

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Which manual should be referred to understand the placement requirements before going to install the new AC at the customer location?

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Identify TRUE(T)/FALSE(F) from below statement:
1. Always interact with the customer politely and understand the issue patiently
2. Before opening the unit, always check the warranty status of the appliance

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Which sheet is required to inspect and to understand specification of the tools?

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What arrangement is necessary before visiting the customer location for installation?

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What should be done if liquid spills found on the floor in the company premises?

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What dose the below image convey with respect to air conditioning?


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According to the company policy, under which contract should the AC unit of the customer be serviced free of cost?

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For which of the following faults, the unit needs to be transported to the service center for repair?

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One of the colleague has asked to check the warranty of the AC unit of the customer. What should be the reply to this?

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What should be checked for before carrying the tools to the customer premises?

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While testing the thermostat in a split AC using the volt-ohmmeter, the meter reading is higher than zero. What does this indicates?

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Which sheet is required to inspect and to understand specification of the tools?

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What should be discussed FIRST with the customer after identifying issues in the AC module?

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