Ventilator Training for Nurses (Onsite Training)

  • Course level: Intermediate


This Ventilator Management Training program is presented to you by AAA healthCare. AAA HealthCare  is a global provider of healthcare-related services dedicated to transforming health care across the continuum. It serves as a consultant for hospitals. The same Ventilator management training program was conducted the previous year where we successfully trained over 4000 nurses and doctors across two cities, Mumbai and Pune, covering 50 hospitals. Furthermore, we have worked closely with Induslnd Bank  as well as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

This program is done in association with Pericia Healthcare Private Limited . Pericia Healthcare is a training, skilling and development company. Our mission is to provide quality education, training, and development services to healthcare personnel and communities in order to improve patient care and enhance quality of life. Pericia Healthcare offers pertinent programs to train hospital-based staff, medical education institutes, as well as diverse communities to ingrain quality practice.

Our certification partner is the Electronic Sector Skills Council of India (since ventilators fall under the category of medical equipment) and together with them, we issue the certificate to the trained candidates.


Onsite Workshop- 4 Hours (240 minutes)

 Nurses Training – Onsite Workshop
Introduction 15 min
Theory 120 min
Break 15 min
Practical 120 min

What Will I Learn?

  • This course will help nursing staff by creating value for them

Topics for this course

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Pre-Assessment Questionnaires?

Pre Assessment Questionnaire – Nurses

Ventilator Training (Onsite)

Post-Assessment Questionnaires?


Case Study?

Case Based Scenario - Nurses


About the instructor


Electronics Sector Skills Council of India (ESSCI)

Electronics Sector Skills Council of India is an autonomous industry-led not for profit organization under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India, which creates, and maps skill competency frameworks to jobs in the industry. The council is promoted by 6 major Industry associations in Electronics System Design & Manufacturing (ESDM) space viz., CEAMA, ELCINA, IESA, IPCA, MAIT & ELCOMA.
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Very useful course

Very good 👍👍

Really informative

It is a very beneficial training for all nurse and health care workers

Session was intresting....n nw it wil b helpful in patient care

Nice lessons

Nice lecture

Very informative Good explanation

It's very nice informative session. Practical n demo is well organized. Theory is also very informative. Thanks to organizers. Thanks a lot. It will always helps nursing cadre to save lives of patients.
I wish kindly regularly arrange such informative session for nurses which helps us in improving our knowledge. Thanks you all.

Nice informative



Very helpful lecture

The course was well developed and conceptualized. It gave an indepth understanding of the subject.

It's very good experience. To fulfill the additional knowledge about ventilators

Thank you for the lectures. All of information and knowledge taught will be guiding light for us.

It is good guidance and information about ventilator .

Its very informative. This will be helpfull for upgrate our knowledge.

Good information regarding ventilator

Good lectures....

Very informative

Very informative and helpful

This session was very helpful and informative for me.

Informative session..helpful

It was very informative


Very nice attentive knowledge training

It was very informative and beneficiary to our profession

Thank you for giving such knowledge and usefull training 👍

Thank u

I could not able to watch intro on zoom

It was a very informative session and briefed up with the old knowledge

Very interesting and informative

It's really knowledgeable.

Very informative...giving 4stars only because network issue, sometime it was not audible..

Very informative session.This increase knowledge of equipment Handel

Very informative section.. This course given me the confidence to take care of critically ill patients


Benificial glass for practical base

This course was very usefull for me... improved my knowledge..

It was really knowledgeable training increasing ability in intensive care unit

It's helpful training for me

Very informative session. It's really knowledgeable.. Thank you so much

Thanku for conducting informative training session.

Informative lecture

Thank u.....for such a training.....we enjoy it.....we use this experience in our ICU.

Very informative session

Lecture is very informative ,explained ventilator modes with different examples.Thank u so much.

Very informative and easy to learn

It was very helpful and knowledgeable

Easy to learn

Very informative lecture..

Was very informative and Easy to understand by the good efforts of the Lecturer

Very informative session

Thank you AAA for conducting such informative training session, making it easy for us to understand the content theoretically and also for explaining us to combat the practical difficulties.Much appreciated!

V good


Thanks to AAA health care for conducting such a wonderful, knowledgeable session, it will help us to utilize practically.

Good session, improved knowledge

Very informative session.Thank u

Informative session

Very informative session

Very good lecture

Thanks so much for your valuable training and information. I really enjoyed it.

It's really knowledgeable and encourage and increasing ability to work in critical care unit


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  • Practicing Nurse
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