Assessment for Ventilator Training – Doctors


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Post Assessment Questionnaire of Doctors

  1. Multiple choice questions.
  2. Every question carries one marks.
  3. No negative marking is there.

The number of attempts remaining is 2

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Patient having ARDS on VAC mode with TV- 8ml/kg,RR-18/min,Peep 10 cm,Fio2 90%  goes into sudden tachycardia,hypoxia and hypotension.What will be the next best step?

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What is tidal volume?

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Which of the following is not a component of weaning criteria?

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You have a patient who was found unconscious and you do not have any other information about the patient. What would the initial ventilator setting need to be ?

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Your patient has a PaO2 of 48 mmHg on 40%. The doctor wants a PaO2 of 80 mmHg. WHat FiO2 do you need?

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____ is defined as an absence of ventilatory support 48 hours following an extubation.

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What is an absolute contraindication for initiating mechanical ventilation?

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Which of the following could you do for a high respiratory rate alarm?

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Minute ventilation is equal to...

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What ventilator changes could be made to correct   respiratory alkalosis?

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Airway resistance may be increased in all of the following clinical conditions except:

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What should the initial setting for PEEP before a new mechanical ventilation patient.

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Plateau pressure (Pplateau) is measured during which phase of the ventilatory cycle?

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Which of the following will cause a high pressure alarm?

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What should the initial setting for respiratory rate be for a new mechanical ventilation patient?

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Which artificial airway isused for long-term airway management?

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A patient has been using PEEP at levels between 15 and 18 cm H20.The physician asks the therapist to monitor the potential adverse effects caused by PEEP.The therapist should monitor all of the following conditions except:

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The degree of ventilation may be increased by increasing all of the following ventilator parameters except:

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What should the initial setting for tidal volume be for a new mechanical ventilation patient

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  1. A 58 year old patient (weight 60 kg)known case of COPD admitted in ICU with severe respiratory acidosis.

Arterial Blood Gas –ph 7.275, pco2 94,po2 61,HCO3 – 35.6, Sao2 89%.

Patient intubated on VAC MODE

What two setting on the ventilator allow you to manage the patient’s Co2?

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Case Study 1- Doctors

A 45 year old male patient known case of COPD was admitted to ICU with breathing difficulty. His room air ABG showed: pH 7.32, PCO2  52, PO2 45, HCO3 - 26. He was started on ebulised medications and injectable antibiotics.

The number of attempts remaining is 2

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What are the acceptable settings for the same patient on Non invasive ventilation?

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If the above patient worsens on non invasive ventilation and a plan for elective intubation is made.

What changes you would like to make in the predecided settings? VAC mode

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What would be the best mode of Oxygen therapy for this patient?

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Above patient on Volume assist control mode and is planned for weaning. Sedation drips of the patient has been stopped.A high PIP(Peak inspiratory pressure alarm is buzzing.

Which of the following cannot be a cause for the buzzing alarm?

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the same patient if he fails the spontaneous breathing trial (SBT) may exhibit which of the following clinical signs and symptoms:

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Case Study 2-Doctors

50 year old patient admitted with Organophosphorous poisoning  is put on mechanical ventilation as he became suddenly unresponsive.Post intubation Chest Xray shows endotracheal tube in situ and no other parenchymal opacities.3 days later patient has development of fever and bilateral patches on radiograph with excessive secretions suctioned through ET tube and leucocytosis.

The number of attempts remaining is 2

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What is the preferred method of suctioning to prevent such a condition?

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Which one of the following is not a measure to prevent the above condition?

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What is the best measure to prevent above condition?

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What is the likely cause?

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During mechanical ventilation,what primarily influences oxygenation?

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